Soya Processing Companies


1. SESACO Limited is located along road in Kyengera town and it is one of the lead medium scale soy processing companies in Uganda. We have been closely working with SESACO Ltd for over three years now. The network links different farmer groups to them and it also markets the company’s products whenever there is an opportunity. Currently NSOYNET runs SESACO’s US soybased products marketing campaign. An initiative which has further strengthened the relationship between the two entities and further raised the profile of NSOYNET. The company is a full member of the network.

2. Kayebe Sauce Packers processes a popular infant soy based flour mixture with fish meal. We have linked farmers to the company to market their soya beans and we have also raised the profile of the company through promotion campaigns.

3. Maganjo Grain Millers is one of the oldest soy based processing companies and has the largest soy based composite flours on the market with a wide distribution network both locally and regionally. Currently, we link farmers with good quality soyabeans to them at fair prices.

4. East African Basic Foods is the first and oldest human foods soy processing company. We work closely with the company and we have been able to link several farmer groups to them. We have also done media work for the company which they appreciated. The company has also participated in several campaigns the network has run.

5. Smart Foods Limited is a small scale company located at the Food Technology Business Incubation Center in Makerere University. It focuses on production of innovative soy products which include Tofu (plain and marinated) and now purely soy sausages (a purely non meat product with a great meaty taste). The company is a paid up member in the micro-scale category.

6. Food and Nutrition Solutions (FONUS) is also another small scale company based at the Food Technology Business Incubation Center in Makerere University. The company produces soy milk and soy yogurt. We have extended technical assistance to the company as it was developing her products and it has also benefitted from the generic media campaign that the network does.

7. Yellow Star Ltd

8. Mukwano Ltd

9. Mount Meru

10. Soya DK

11. Numa Foods

12. TMZ

13. Denovo

14. M Products

15. Fresh Cuts

16. Africa Do Business

17. Mimuk Grain Millers

18. Nakendo Majid

19. Oyam Business Forum