Capacity building in soybean agronomy in Oyam disctrict

National Soyabean Network offers capacity building training and consultancy to farmers, NGOs, entrepreneurs and companies on the best soyabean agronomic practices, seed varieties, in addition to how the miracle soyabean can be used to enrich the nutritional status of the traditional foods which people predominantly consume.

NSOYNET has comprehensive training packages on soyabean agronomy, soyabean utilization in the household and for animal feeding. In our trainings, we purpose to ensure that people understand the benefits of soyabean in terms of Food and Nutrition security. This is often the backbone on kick-starting a sustainable and profitable soyabean value chain.

The finances generated in our consultancy work are invested in the farming communities country wide so as to improve the soyabean production, productivity and market access.

Demonstration of soymilk processing in the rural household

Demonstration of soymilk processing in the rural household