Our Objectives

1. To mobilise improved soyabean seed and innocullants and get them to farmers for sale in good condition

2. To initiate and or promote schemes for training farmers in production and maintenance of their own improved soyabean seed

3. Linking soyabean breeders, researchers, farmers, producers, processors, buyers and consumers for mutual benefit.

4. To promote and uplift the nutritional status and income of people and encourage production, processing, marketing and utilisation of soyabeans at the house hold level.

5. To initiate and promote economic projects intended to help rural farmers and women groups to realise a satisfactory level of income.

6. To identify markets, organize farmers into local groups to facilitate joint transportation and marketing.

7. To create massive public awareness on the value of soyabeans, recommended production techniques, utilization techniques at rural level, and markets through radio, television, news papers, public lectures, exhibitions, workshops among others.

8. Development of strategic policy papers, lobbying and advocacy.