About Us

NSOYNET was started in 1994, on a foundation of rural women farmers in Eastern Uganda. Their inspiration of exploring and maximizing the impact of soyabeans to nutrition and wealth gave birth to the National Soyabean Network. Since then, NSOYNET has stretched its mandate nationwide and our work has increased the wealth and the Food & Nutrition security of several rural households country wide through agronomic trainings, market linkages and development activities.


Uplifting the income and nutritional status of people by encouraging appropriate production practices, processing marketing and utilization of soyabeans and soyabean products along the value chain starting at rural household level

NSOYNET is headed by a board of trustees and board of governors. It also has the executive committee made up of Eight members i.e. the patron, chairman, General Secretary, production officer, Market and information officer, Industrial coordinator,treasurer and the Chief Executive Officer. All these have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

NSOYNET works hand in hand with various non-governmental organizations (International and local)/companies which are involved in the nutritional sector. They include World Vision, World Initiative for Soy In Human Health (WISHH), Makerere University, Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), OSSUP-Oil Seed Sub-sector Platform, Catalyst Uganda-IFDC, Bioversity International, Mukwano Industries, Reco Ltd, PIBID, SESACO Ltd, East African Basic Foods, Smart Foods Limited, Kayebe Sauce Packers, Maganjo Grain Millers, Africa Do Business, Food and Nutrition Solutions among several others